What is the best way to handle and store the sealing bands?

There are a few key things you can do to preserve the integrity of the seals, and to make sure they work as well as they are designed to work.

  • The ideal temperature for storage is between 33F and 95F. (Yes, this is quite a wide range!)
  • Do not allow the sealing bands to freeze (we will provide you with special instructions if you are placing an order in the winter)
  • Each month, make sure you “up-end” the pails that contain the seals – this allows the solution to circulate and will make sure all the layers of the seals are wet and pliable.
  • After every use, be sure to tightly reseal the inner liner.
  • Make sure you only store seals in their solution – the solution in which they are shipped to you
  • Never add water to this solution. (If you need additional solution, you can purchase it from us.)