Cellulose seals are found on many kinds of bottles and containers – these seals are a great way to ensure freshness and to help prevent leakage and evaporation. They do an outstanding job in protecting the integrity of a container’s product.

Also importantly, seals on a product’s packaging represent a high level of quality, and are a visible assurance as to a product’s freshness and integrity. A seal signals to a customer that others have not tampered with a container’s contents.  

We offer a wide selection of colors to compliment your containers.  Seals support the brand and overall image of a company and its products; the right seal will provide a visually pleasing and and decorative finish to your product packaging.

Here are some additional seal facts you might not know:

  • Cellulose seals are tubular in shape and come in precut sizes
  • Seals are stored in a special solution and shipped wet
  • Seals are applied wet, and shrink as they dry to a form-fitting seal
  • Seals do not leave any sticky residue
  • Seals are biodegradable
  • Seals keep container contents sanitary, and free from dust, dirt, and other undesirables
  • Seals help prevent backing-off caps
  • Seals allow you to batch two or more containers together
  • Sealing bands are secondary seals used over primary closures

Advantages of our cellulose seals: