Measuring Seals

How do I measure for proper seal size?

You will need a metric ruler as our products are international and are therefore sized on the metric system.

You will measure for two numbers:  #1 – the diameter fit, and #2 – the cut length 

#1 – Diameter fit:  measure the widest point across the top of the lid (see top picture). Up to 3mm can be added to your measurement as you find the desired size from our selection of bands.

#2 – Cut length:  measure the length you would like the seal to cover on your bottle or container (see second picture); keep in mind this is a preference measurement. You will need to find (in our online store) the closest size in cut length that will work for your bottle.

In this pictured example, the diameter measures 29mm and the preference is for a band that is 50 millimeters tall. The best fit band, based on the sizes we have in stock, is a 30.5mm x 50mm seal.

NOTE:  If you don’t have a millimeter ruler and only have access to a ruler with inches, still take the measurement in inches. Then give us a call, and we will help you convert the measurement to millimeters. 

And remember: we have many, many sizes and colors available in stock – and should you have any questions, simply give us a call.

To measure a non-round container:  Use a (flexible!) tape measure and measure the distance around the outside of the container where the cap and jar meet (this is the circumference).

If you have a millimeter measurement tool, measure the number of millimeters in the circumference, and divide that number by 3.14, giving you the diameter fit for your container.

If you have an inch measurement tool, measure the number of inches in the circumference, multiply that number by 25, and then take this new number and divide by 3.14, giving you the diameter fit for your container.