My grandfather Walter started our business in 1927 as a wholesaler of chemicals and fragrances. When my father assumed the business, we expanded our product line to include cellulose seals made by the Celon® company, then located in Madison, Wisconsin.

We have sold them ever since, and began importing them from England when they were no longer produced in the United States. While some things have changed, we remain a small, family-run business to this day.

Under my leadership, we have strengthened our commitment to serving other businesses.  We provide companies of all sizes (admittedly with a special fondness for other small businesses) the finest quality cellulose seals, and have them readily available in a wide range of sizes and colors so that even the smallest manufacturer's products look professional. 

We look forward to helping your team in every way we can.

Susan Jelly, President
Walter H. Jelly, Inc.